Puntt Review

Year established: 2020

Mobile compatible: Yes

Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

Overall rating: C

Recommended: For recreational players
Puntt Sportsbook Review

Puntt is a brand new online betting platform, made for eSports and its communities. Created by RPGG Media Ltd and based in Liverpool UK, Puntt was built by a team of gamers, software developers, and eSports fans with backgrounds in the betting industry. Puntt’s team believes eSports betting should be safe, fair, and well regulated. Betting operators have a duty to behave ethically, and to work for the benefit of the communities which support them.

Fans shouldnʼt see their accounts closed because theyʼve had a winning bet. Puntt’s team does not think they should have to fight with operators to withdraw the money theyʼve won. They shouldnʼt have to turn to grey-market operators to find bets which interest and excite them, and they shouldnʼt have to tolerate poor odds from risk-averse bookmakers. The industry should be better than this.

What Makes Puntt Different

The Puntt platform is powered by pool betting, also known as pari-mutuel betting, a form of wagering which was designed to be fair for both operators and customers. This means that when you bet with Puntt, you arenʼt betting against a faceless mathematician working in a swanky bookmakerʼs office, youʼre betting against other esports fans. Youʼre betting against people like you.

Operating like this eliminates many of the problems that fans may experiencing with other operators. Puntt can offers more diverse and interesting markets, pay at the best rates, and they do not need to close winning customers to make a profit.

When eSports succeeds, all succeed, and thatʼs at the heart of everything they do. They have committed to reinvest a portion of their revenue back into eSports teams, tournaments, and gaming-related charities. Every bet you make with Puntt you know you are helping a good cause.


– Specializes in eSports betting;

– Registered in the United Kingdom;

– Deep coverage of professional CSGO tournaments;

– Unique opportunity to participate in pool betting;

– Fair treatment of players and the e-sports community at large;

– Simple and user-friendly interface design;

– Reliable customer support.


– Site has only been set up recently;

– Restricted access in some countries;

– Limited language support.



*Keep in mind to double check information. Be prepared for changes to restricted countries, bonuses, currencies, deposit and payment options, languages, contact info.

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